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What is the profile?

The profile is the first area to consider, it provides the strength to the racket as it is the most prone to hitting the floor or walls. It is usually made up of tubular laminated layers of Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, or graphite. Impregnated with wax or Epoxy Resin. This may also include a protector plate on the top, this is a great help for a beginner player who is more likely to hit the floor or wall.

What is the core?

The core is normally made from either Foam or EVA Rubber. EVA rubber is harder, providing you with more control but less power. It is less forgiving so you need to have good technique in order to see the benefits of it but it is also more durable than foam. A player who has a good technique and is physically strong would be best suited to an EVA rubber core. Foam on the other hand is softer, so will provide you with extra power but less control, these rackets are more forgiving for beginner players, and will help you defend yourself from the back of the court. As a softer material, foam will not be as durable as EVA rubber. Some manufacturers are beginning to release hybrids between these two materials, essentially a foam center surrounded by EVA rubber which allows for more durability without losing as much power.

What is the balance?

Balance will also have a large impact on our power and control of the ball. Rackets with a high balance point are diamond shaped and give great power behind the ball but lack in control. These are not generally suited to beginners as a good level of technique is required in order to control the power. Even balanced rackets are tear drop shaped, these are good for regular players and offer a good mix of power and control. Low balance rackets are round in shape, and provide maximum control but may lack in power. They are generally considered best for beginners as they encourage an improved technique, whilst providing a large sweetspot.

Can you do custom rackets?

Yes, we can do custom rackets for your club, team or friends. ;)