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  • Do you deliver outside the Netherlands?
    Yes, we do deliver worldwide. ;)
  • What materiales are used for the sticks?
    CARBON Gives stiffness, durability, power, and a very high strength-to-weight ratio allowing for a high performance light weight hockey stick. KEVLAR Lighter weight with excellent anti-abrasion properties. It is used on the heal of the hockey stick to prevent any quick wear out from use. Kevlar fibres in the shaft also enhance vibration dampening. GLASS FIBRE Gives flexibility, enhanced impact resistance, lower shock due to poor conductivity and allows for more flexible structures.
  • What is a Bow?
    The Bow of a hockey stick identifies the position of the arch in the stick´s shape. If you place the flat side of the stick on a flat surface, the distance between the surface and the upperedge of the stick is known as the bow.
  • What is a Balance Point
    Try to balance your stick on your finger. Measure from that point to the top of the curl and you will know the balance point of your stick. Why is this an important factor? This significantly affects the overall 'feel' of the stick. The higher the balance point the more handable the stick is, because the curl is lighter. The lower the balance point the better it is to hit the ball, because the the curl has more weight.
  • How to put an Overgrip?
    A Chamois is an over-grip that provides a non-slip grip on the handle when wet, also used as a vibration dampener or to add girth to the handle. Used by top players who play on wet turf, in damp conditions, or to absorb sweat. 1. Apply over an existing grip. No adhesive is needed. 2. You can start from the top of the stick. 3. Place the stick between your legs with the handle pointing up. 4. Place the Chamois at your desired starting point. Point the tip of the chamois away from you and pull the length in a downward motion with your right hand. Make sure your first rotation is very tight. 5. Continue wrapping, applying even pressure the rest of the way. If you mist the grip with a little water while applying it may be a little easier to apply it. 6. Secure the grip with electrical tape at the end and top. 7. Ready for your match! ;)
  • Can you make custom hockey stick bags for my team?
    Yes! we are producing Custom bags. We would love to kit you out. Please enquire on the contact us page.
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