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There are no SHORTCUTS. 
Work hard, be patient, consistent and NEVER GIVE UP!

As a company that began operations in 2015, we have a fresh enthusiasm combined with international experience to thrive in the industry. As international hockey athletes with over 20 years of hockey experience we decided to create Lekker Hockey, a new line of field hockey sticks. 

Always on the lookout for new sport trends, Lekker in 2021 spots a rising star: PADEL. The brand adds its first racquets to its existing accessories and drives padel’s growth. 

We believe the products speak for themselves, and have never been happier playing with any other racquet. Lekker Padel has the potential to become the leading distributor in Padel equipment.

OUR PHILOSHOPHY  -  padel together!
IMG_7271 2.jpg

Top quality padel rackets.

Our range is based on 5 different mould, with different compositions.



Have a look at our 3 lines of high quality cloth:

Training, Sport, Street.



Last but not least, go and make the difference wearing them!


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